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Name:Risana Kunger (OC)
Birthdate:Mar 12

Name: Risana Kunger
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'7
Weight: 118 LBs
Status: Queen of the Earthbound-Succubi
Marital status: Currently single (and hardly monogamous)
Species: "earthbound" succubi (Essentially, a summoning spell gone wrong allowed several succubi to possess their summoners, eventually burning out the hunman souls, eventually converting and fully bonding with the forms. THey're fully demonic, but bonded to the mortal plane, so can't be dismissed by exorcism.)
Distinctive features: Two bat-like wings, Generally folded over her breasts like a corset, and the tail - occasionally wrapped around her waist. The latter is essentially a black, prehensile cord ending in a flexible spade
Feeding habits: She owns several bars, strip clubs, and brothels, where she feeds on excess sexuality. And sometimes sleeps with them.
Strength: Superhuman, at the worst of times. By converting her magical energy into pure physical strength, she can magnify her power grately - though she can't keep it up.
Other notes: Anyone sensitive will instantly notice the feeling of lust about her. She makes an active effort to dampen her powers, binding them close to the skin so as to not affect other people, but she doesn't make any effort to hide her own nature.

Risana is the current leader of the earthbound succubi (a branch of the succubi tree that managed to break into the human world and, over time, integrate.) The majority of her time is spent on public relations, convincing the people of her realm to accept Succubi as among them, as she tries to lead a people embroiled in another nation. (The rest of her time is spent flirting, or with her family.)

She tends to wield sexuality as a tool, pursuing what she wants or needs full force. She is quick to build alliances, and truces.

She generally loses all reason where her youngest daughter is concerned (largely due to guilt over Natalie's health issues as a child.)
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